10 Best Places to Visit in Bolivia

Places to visit in Bolivia

Those who want an authentic and spectacular South American vacation should definitely consider Bolivia. This mountainous country is the only landlocked nation on the continent, and boasts sheer mountains with the world's highest navigable lake, … Continue reading

4 Most Beautiful Sporades Islands

Sporades Islands

Legend has it that the gods created the Sporades Islands by tossing colored pebbles into the Aegean Sea. The myth is reflected in the name Sporades, which means "the scattered ones," and in the colors of their verdant green hills, sapphire blue … Continue reading

8 Best Day Trips from Prague

Day Trips from Prague

One of Europe's most beautiful and romantic cities, Prague boasts an enchanting riverside location and a skyline dotted with hundreds of golden spires glittering in the sun. Having largely escaped the architectural purge of the Cold War, the city's … Continue reading

10 Best Places to Visit in Japan

places to visit in Japan

In days of yore, the samurai country of Japan tried to conquer the world through warfare. Today it is conquering the world with its technology, its superbly made two- and four-wheeled motor vehicles and through the hearts of all who visit it. This … Continue reading

10 Best Day Trips from London

Best Day Trips from London

London conjures up images of royalty and power. It is the capital of England and the United Kingdom and is one of the most popular destinations in the world, attracting approximately 30 million tourists a year. This historic city, which sits on the … Continue reading

7 Great Day Trips from Bangkok

Top Day Trips from Bangkok

Bangkok is well known as the gateway to Southeast Asia. This city has a number of exotic sights, smells, and tastes that will excite those new to this corner of the planet, and enough creature comforts to make them feel pampered as well. Though many … Continue reading

7 Great Day Trips from Miami

Day Trips from Miami

Miami is a cosmopolitan and exciting city that is world famous for its vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches and beautiful people. It is also within easy driving distance to surreal swamps, abundant wildlife and many lovely tropical islands and keys. … Continue reading

10 Most Amazing Destinations in Southern Italy

Destinations in Southern Italy

The Mezzogiorno, or "midday" region of Italy refers to the Southern section of this historically and artistically important nation. The area boasts some of the oldest cities in Italy, as well as a number of important sites from what was once part of … Continue reading

10 Most Amazing Destinations in Northern Spain

destinations in Northern Spain

A good many travelers to Spain start their visit to this Iberian Peninsula country in Madrid. Then they’re likely to head south where the climate is more temperate to see historic Moorish castles or east to Barcelona or Valencia. They don’t realize … Continue reading

9 Great Day Trips from Phoenix

Great Day Trips from Phoenix

Arizona is what the Old West is about. From gunfights in Tombstone, to old Army forts in Indian country and the Territorial Prison in Yuma, the 48th state has it all. It also contains some of America’s most stunning scenic sites, such as the Grand … Continue reading