100 Top Travel Blogs based on Traffic

There are already several lists of travel blogs on the web that rank websites based on different criteria, but none used the one I was interested in: the number of unique visitors a site receives per month. I decided to created this top travel blogs list partly because I wanted to know how the travel blogosphere is doing in terms of traffic, and also because I wanted to play around with some meaningless statistics.

Most websites don’t share this kind of information and therefore I had to rely on traffic estimation services. The most popular traffic estimator is probably Alexa but I discarded that one as it is notoriously inaccurate. Instead I went for Google Ad Planner. It’s statistic are comprehensive and more accurate than Alexa, though they still have a pretty large error margin. Google Ad Planner combines information from a variety of sources including Google Toolbar data, Google Analytics data and other third-party market research.

Unfortunately, Google Ad Planner only keeps track of websites with a certain amount of visitors. Not all the travel blogs in this list have those traffic numbers and I had to resort to another tool. For these blogs I’ve used Compete to estimate the number of unique visitors. Compete uses data from ISPs, their own toolbar and other data sources to estimate traffic. It is limited to US visitors only and it isn’t as accurate as Google Ad Planner but it gives a descent indication nonetheless. For all but one blog the estimates of Compete were lower than of Ad Planner.

The 100 top travel blogs:

Travel Blog Unique Visitors
italylogue.com 196000
elliott.org 140000
vagabondish.com 119000
petergreenberg.com 96600
nomadicmatt.com 79800
europeupclose.com 65800
everything-everywhere.com 65800
worldhum.com 65800
offtrackplanet.com 60200
wildjunket.com 60200
crankyflier.com 58800
travelvice.com 53200
almostfearless.com 50400
deliciousbaby.com 50400
touropia.com 50400
upgradetravelbetter.com 50400
theroadforks.com 49800
worldheritagesite.org 42000
amateurtraveler.com 37800
fluentin3months.com 37800
theplanetd.com 37800
wanderlustandlipstick.com 37800
gobackpacking.com 35000
offbeattravel.com 35000
wanderingeducators.com 35000
aluxurytravelblog.com 33600
davestravelcorner.com 33600
malaysia-asia.my 33600
thevacationgals.com 33600
traveltowork.net 33600
twobackpackers.com 33600
travel-rants.com 30800
foxnomad.com 28000
traveldudes.org 26600
thebrooklynnomad.com 23800
uncorneredmarket.com 23800
aswetravel.com 22400
holeinthedonut.com 21000
travelinggreener.com 21000
globetrooper.com 19600
heatheronhertravels.com 19600
indietravelpodcast.com 19600
caroundtheworld.com 19300
beersandbeans.com 18200
thetravelword.com 16800
johnnyvagabond.com 16300
artofbackpacking.com 16000
travelingcanucks.com 14300
landlopers.com 13700
theaussienomad.com 13600
thejetpacker.com 12500
trans-americas.com 10400
travelmamas.com 10100
vagablogging.net 10000
ytravelblog.com 9500
ottsworld.com 9500
tangodiva.com 8500
theexpeditioner.com 8400
travelswithtwo.com 8100
travelogged.com 8000
solotravelerblog.com 8000
shipcriticblog.com 7900
livingthedreamrtw.com 7500
wanderingearl.com 7500
alittleadrift.com 7300
legalnomads.com 7200
baconismagic.ca 7000
travelinlocal.com 7000
travelocafe.com 6900
raamdev.com 6500
myitchytravelfeet.com 6000
kaleidoscopicwandering.com 6000
notesfromspain.com 5800
soultravelers3.com 5800
pausethemoment.com 5800
runawayjuno.com 5700
insidethetravellab.com 5500
toddswanderings.com 5300
twenty-somethingtravel.com 5300
notesfromtheroad.com 5200
globotreks.com 5200
solofriendly.com 5100
intheknowtraveler.com 5100
practicaltravelgear.com 5000
thecareyadventures.com 5000
wanderingtrader.com 5000
vagabondquest.com 4900
briefcasetobackpack.com 4800
brookevstheworld.com 4800
traveling-savage.com 4600
llworldtour.com 4500
homeboyski.com 4500
noplacetobe.com 4200
adventurouskate.com 4100
runawayjane.com 3400
lolaakinmade.com 3300
neverendingvoyage.com 3200
maiden-voyage-travel.com 3200
grantourismotravels.com 3100
thelongestwayhome.com 3100

Based on real traffic stats that was available from several sites the estimates appeared to be a little bit too conservative. I therefore applied two different constants (one for Adplanner and one for Compete) to adjust for this somewhat.

Only independent travel blogs were considered for this list. Commercial blogs such as National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel and Lonely Planet’s Blog are therefore excluded. I’ve tried to rank as many travel blogs I could find and plan to update this list regularly. If you think a blog is missing just let me know; perhaps it has the traffic numbers to be included in the next update.


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    Hi there! My name is Adam and I run World Travel for Couples. According to my google analytics, I had about 9300 visits in February. Not sure where you are getting all your information, but I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring. Thanks!

  2. says

    Thank you for doing this! It’s so motivating to see how much success other travel blogs have achieved. I’m looking forward to moving up in the pack!

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    Wow, it’s really nice to see our travel blog is on the top 100 list! Thank you so much for creating this and for having our blog there :)

  4. says

    Nice list, I’m looking forward to spending some time browsing through the blogs I was not aware of. Hope you’ll consider mine in the next update to the list. Cheers.

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    @Ken, I already tried to rank your blog but Compete didn’t allow me to enter subdomains. Have to see if I can find a workaround for that in the next update.

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    Sorry Robin, still not 100% clear. Are these definitely Unique Visitors and not Page Views (Impressions)?

    The numbers seems a little high for Unique Visitors but about right for Page Views.

    The post itself and the chart label makes it clear it’s Unique Visitors, but in the comments above you refer to “Views” in your reply to Kim.

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    Nice list, but I feel like some of those aren’t really considered blogs… Also if the list included my blog ilikegoingplaces.com it would be a lot cooler!!

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    This is a great list! I’d like to share http://www.ViewfromthePier.com, a site launched by a friend of mine that offers several distinct and complimentary features. Each day the site’s home page features a fresh photograph from all around the world, captioned by an uplifting quotation. A link to this daily photo/quote is available via a free subscription! Also engrained in the site’s rich content are the “Compass Rose” (http://www.viewfromthepier.com/compass-rose/), a regular in-depth destination feature focusing on a facet of a given region’s culture or broader travel themes and a monthly Q & A called “Peer to Pier” (http://www.viewfromthepier.com/peertopier/) that profiles interesting people, offering a personal window into a country or area. Also, the “Guest Room” column serves as a platform for writers/travelers to share their travel experiences.

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    Hello Robin,

    This is Wade from http://www.vagabondjourney.com, and I would love for my site to be included on your list. There are big differences in traffic counting methods but my site meter reports 100K to 120K unique visitors per month. My Awstats says 6K per day, but I think this is a little high, while Compete and GA rank me lower. Thanks!

    (Note: if you look at this tonight my entire hosting company is down so you won’t be able to access the site. This is probably why I am browsing around the internet reading all the top blog lists haha. Thanks!)

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    Nice list, it’s nice to see one that took some effort to compute/compile. I’d love to put The Vacation Gals on your radar; we’re doing pretty well. :)

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    I’d never heard of the Complete tool… thank you for introducing me to it, looks like it was quite useful for you.

    Also, if you decide to make another list, we’d love to be included! We cater to senior and mature travelers and offer tips on travel and interesting info on destinations:

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    Great list! However, I feel that there should be a category of “unique blogs”based on content which may be on a road to popularity but still away from the lost of “Top 100 blogs”.
    My blog http://aceguide.blogspot.com merits such kind of consideration and a support, suggestion and criticism to climb the ladder of popularity
    Once again, thanks for an excellent list

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    I have to agree with Adam above. These stats are way off for Grantourismo. We measure our stats using Google Analytics, and a few other different means and they all compare fairly well – at the moment, as we’re not posting as often, we’re getting between 10-12,000 unique visitors a month, but have had months with twice as many visitors (not page views). It obviously varies depending on how often we’re posting, as we’re full-time travel writers not full-time bloggers at the moment. But we had 3,000 visitors on just one day last week, so the stats above don’t make sense. Nice idea to do this though.

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    Hi There, I’d love to be included int he list in the future as well. I had around 3200 Uniques last month, which isn’t incredible, but might get me on the list.

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    Hi Robin,

    Great to find this list of travel blogs based on unique monthly visitors. Really cool to see how much traffic everyone is getting. Wonderful to know so many people are out there reading travel blogs!

    I’d love to be considered for your next update. My current unique monthly visitors stands at >4300. And this is growing rapidly, due to finally learning how to apply SEO -keywords and meta to my posts and site in general. Sadly, I’ve gone 1 1/2 years without any of that on my site! Yikes. Better late than never, I guess. :(

    Thanks for the new list.

    cheers, Lash

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    Great information given. I am newbie in travel blog so need time to learn from all the top ranking blogger.

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    Wow great post! Thank-you for putting this together! It really gives an aspiring travel blogger something to… well … aspire to. Some of these sites are pulling in great traffic and I know a lot of them that are on here and they are doing well for a reason! Would love to see a 2012 update of this list and would one day like to see Goats On The Road appear on it!

    Cheers and Thanks Again.

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    Great list. I love checking out what other travel sites are doing and the areas they’re covering. It’s always fun to read different perspectives on the same places I’ve visited and hear about their experiences.