The United Kingdom Travel Guide

The United Kingdom

Composed of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom has long been a favorite European tourist destination for many because of its beautiful countryside, historic sites, topnotch museums, outstanding theaters and vibrant nightlife. From medieval castles to stately mansions and the awe-inspiring scenery of the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands, the UK offers a diverse set of interesting attractions. Although the country is also known as Great Brittan, this actually only refers to the separate island of England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland is not part of Britain.

What to See & Do

The heart of Great Britain is its capital city, London, one of Europe’s largest metropolis and a mosaic of diverse races, cultures, languages and religions. Notable places include the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and Westminster Abbey. Exploring England’s outer regions beyond London are significant sites like William Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford upon Avon, the Roman baths in Somerset and prehistoric Stonehenge.

A trip to Wales offers fairytale castles and strolls along the bustling waterfront of Cardiff Bay. Scotland, with its distinct dialect, offers the magnificent Edinburg Castle, the mysterious Loch Ness and the wild, rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands. A country now made more unified and stronger by overcoming its political and religious struggles, Northern Ireland offers vibrant cities with arts and culture, incredible scenery and marvelous natural wonders like the Giant’s Causeway.


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